(20200609) Post Webinar Whatsapp to Promote Online Training


Remind Audience that replay is up and sign up if interested

Intern Task


Whatsapp List

Webinarjam - Registrants - Download Registrants - Upload to Google Drive

Clean Up on the Audience (Webinar Audience, add '+60 )

If phone is not sync to Google Contact, key in manually

If phone is sync to Google Contact (Format: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1I9FxkljM0X5rC9uHXZH-rjhAuMcQU6TA5R9aP2EvL1c/edit#gid=1169039342 )


Whatsapp Message




Hi, my name is <your name>, Evanna's intern. 

I am messaging you regarding <Webinar Title> Online Training with <Trainer's Name>

If you are paid participants, you can view unlimited replay, download ppt slides & certificate of completion to claim your CPD/CPE points 

中文版👉 <bit.ly on Training Content>

English Version👉<bit.ly on Training Content>

<Optional> If you have not paid, please note that price will increase to RM 49 after (Fri) 19.06.2020 6pm ... Hurry, Sign Up Now at RM 29 !