Prepare Trainer a few days before Live Webinar

Email Title: <YYYYMMDD> Live Webinar <Webinar Title>

Hi <Speaker / Trainer's Name>

My Name is <Your Name>. I am sending you this email regarding our Live Webinar <Webinar Title>

As a reminder, the details of the webinar are as follows.

Date : <insert date>

Time : <insert time>

Webinar Link:

<Webinar Link>

PPT Link:

<PPT Title>


See you at <30 mins before actual live webinar>, my HP# is <your mobile number>

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions ya


Thank you,

<Your Name>

Assistant to Evanna


Email Title: <YYYYMMDD> Live Webinar <Webinar Title>

Hi <Speaker / Trainer's Name>,

I am <Name> from Learnabee. I will be doing a webinar test with you on <insert date> at <insert time>.

Kindly find below the link to the WebinarJam platform. 

  1. Just click on it and it will bring you to the webinar platform.
  2. Follow the checklist and there will be 3 video and audio test. 
  3. If your webcam and microphone is working, just click "Enter Room".
  4. Please open the Google slide link below on a new tab. 
  5. I will guide you on how to screen share so that the audience can view your presentation slides during the actual Webinar.

We should be able to see and hear each other.

Please spare 3 minutes to have a look at the tutorial video below. It will help you in setting up the WebinarJam for our test run.

Video Tutorial:

<insert link to video tutorial - YouTube>


<insert WebinarJam Presenter's link>

Google Slide:

<insert Google Slide link>

Please Whatsapp me if you have any problems. 

See you soon. 


Thank you,

<insert Name>

Assistant to Evanna