(English) Lesson 02: Advantages & Disadvantages of Preference Share to Issuers and Investors

Lesson 02 of Preference Share & Trust Investments Webinar Series. Training Duration : 1 Hour 29 Minutes

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Everything you need to know about Advantages & Disadvantages of Preference Share to Issuers and Investors

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Webinar Outline - Lesson #02 Advantages and Disadvantages of Preference Share to Issuers and Investors

Quiz: #02 Advantages and Disadvantages of Preference Share to Issuers and Investors

Advantages of Preference Shares for Issuers

Advantage #01: No Control Dilution
* Sample Constitution Clause on Voting Rights
Advantage #02: Predictability of Cost
Advantage #03: Flexibility of the Capital Structure
* Sample Constitution Clause on Redemption
Advantage #04: Less Financial Burden
Advantage #05: New Source of Capital

Disadvantages of Preference Shares for Issuers

Disadvantage #01: Higher Cost of Dividend
Disadvantage #02: Priority of Distribution over Ordinary Shareholders
Disadvantage #03: Potential Increase of Financial Burden
Disadvantage #04: Lack of Tax Deductibility

Table to Explain Difference in Tax Deductibility on Loan from Bank vs Preference Shares

Rewards of Preferential Shares to Investors

Rewards #01: Higher dividends
Rewards #02: Regular payouts
Rewards #03: Preferential rights to distribution
Rewards #04: Lower Investment Risk

Disadvantages/Risks to Invest in Preference Shares

Disadvantages/Risks #01: Dividend Payment not Assured
Disadvantages/Risks #02: Potential Default in Redemption
Disadvantages/Risks #03: Limited Voting Rights
Disadvantages/Risks #04: Irrevocable Convertible Preference Share
* Sample Constitution Clause on Conversion, Converting Preference Shares to Ordinary Shares. Not a choice for Subscribers
Disadvantages/Risks 05: Feature of Non Cumulative Preference Shares
Disadvantages/Risks 06: Absence of guarantee
Disadvantages/Risks 07: High Penalty on Early Redemption
* Sample Constitution Clause on Early Redemption by the Subscriber

Table of Illustration: Early Redemption Penalty for Bank Fixed Deposit vs Preference Shares

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