KC Lau - High Return Cash Trust Products: Ponzi Or Legit? (中文)高回酬现金信托 - 庞氏骗局或合法理财产品?

Total Duration: 2 hours 43 minutes

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Webinar Title: (English) High Return Cash Trust Products: Ponzi Or Legit? (Q&A)

Date & Time: (Wed) 11 May 2022, 10am - 11am

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题目:高回酬现金信托 - 庞氏骗局或合法理财产品? (真实案例分享,SSM法定文件分析)

日期和时间: (星期三) 25 May 2022, 10am - 11am

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Webinar Outline

01 Introduction. 👉 Click here to watch video

  • High return trust products sold to public based on false, misleading or half-truths data
  • Raison d’etre
    • Protect public or investor's hard earned money
    • Protect sales agent's & financial planner's hard earned reputation
  • Song: Can't Help Falling in Love with Cash Trust

02 Due diligence Data Analysis 👉 Click here to watch video

  • Garbage in garbage out
  • What is reliable data ? Where to search ?
    • SSM einfo
    • SSM4U
    • eKehakiman
  • Top down information flow vs Bottom up information flow
  • Flowchart on how to do Due diligence

03 Recent Real life example: 15% V Trust Investment Product 👉 Click here to watch video

  • Loopholes to get around Securities Commission (SC) rules
  • Song: 风的季节
  • Background & Track record of investee company
    • Background & Track record of fund manager
    • Track record of licensed financial planning company
      • Why isn't the Licensed FP sharing reliable data from SSM statutory records during sales talk

04 Court Cases (Investors lost money despite what was promised & presented) 👉 Click here to watch video

  • Securities Commission v RBTR Asset Management Berhad & Anors SUIT NO: 22NCC-103- 01/2013
  • Denise Don Cornelio Kanhama v SKN Capital Sdn Bhd SUIT NO: 22NCC-12-01/2014
  • Investors are hugging, Who is hugging the CASH ?

05 Table with List of High Return Trust Products in the market & concerns (as of May 2022) 👉 Click here to watch video

  • List of High Return Trust Products in the market & concerns (as of May 2022)
  • Concerns
    • A Promise of unrealistic returns and misleading statements
      • Misleading Assurances
        • Guaranteed
        • Protected
        • Safeguarded
        • Asset pledged
        • Capital protected by insurance company
    • B Lack of transparency / no prospectus or detailed information memorandum
    • C Risks not highlighted
      • High Reward High Risk
      • Concentration of Risk
      • Risks not highlighted
        • Rising interest rate risk
        • Exchange rate risk
        • Loan defaults
        • Risk of business failure
  • D Conflict of interest
  • E Non-performing investments
    • Group of Subsidiaries are all loss making but gives regular 12% return
  • F Irregularities of investee companies
    • Investors and sales agents are unaware that they are receiving disguised dividends. Trust capital is placed in connected & related parties via Preference Shares and Promissory notes and investee company is loss making or depleting their capital
  • G Illiquid investments
  • H Unfavorable terms
  • I Lack of fund management expertise or research capabilities
  • J Lack of accountability
  • Real Life Trust Product - Waterfall Example
  • Song: Billionaire Trustee
  • Section 232 of the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 (CMSA)
  • Real Life Case: Bestino Gold
  • Conclusion
  • China WMP

06 Protection for Investors & Financial Planners 👉 Click here to watch video

  • Protection for Investors & Financial Planners
  • Sample Script to
    • Demand for Sales Talk to present using SSM Statutory Records & eKehakiman etc
    • Record Sales Presentation & Communication
    • Demand for FULL refund once detected any false, misleading & deceptive statement
  • Authorities you can report to

Important Note

This educational webinar series is aim to create awareness to

* protect hard earned money of unsuspecting public investors who naively believe in sales talk, marketing presentations or testimonials of friends / relatives and blur blur simply buy financial products

* protect hard earned reputation of many unsuspecting financial planners and sales agents who blindly trust in whatever their upline, sales agency or company told them and blur blur simply sell financial products without knowing how to conduct proper due diligence

Warning of attending Awaken & Awareness Webinar

Our webinar is not suitable for those who choose to stay dreaming in Alice Wonder Lala Dreamland.

Reason is because the R&D content we are presenting will uncover facts and figures from Real Life Case Studies with in depth data analysis from SSM Statutory Records, eKehakiman & others reliable sources.

If your mind, body, soul & spirit is not ready or refuse to accept facts & truth, then our webinar is not suitable for you ya ...

Our webinar is only suitable for those who choose to wake up from Alice Wonder Lala Dreamland and open their mind and see the facts and hidden truth that is not presented in sales talk or marketing brochures.

No Jam. No Parking.

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