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Form E & EA

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Tax Planning for Biz


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Lee Wai Sung     吕伟雄
Lee Wai Sung 吕伟雄

Managing Director of ALL TAX Services Sdn Bhd

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Everything you need to know about 【2019税务攻略】纳税人必须知道的税务常识!
Lee Wai Sung 吕伟雄
(English) Form E & EA 2018
Everything you need to know about Form E & EA 2018: Employer's Tax Reporting Responsibilities
Lee Wai Sung 吕伟雄
(中文)2018年 E & EA 税表
【2018年 E & EA 税表】老板须知,即学即用 中文网络课程
Lee Wai Sung 吕伟雄
(English) Form BE
Everything you need to know about Form BE : What Employees Must Know about Personal Tax Submission
Lee Wai Sung 吕伟雄
(中文) Form BE个人税
【Form BE个人税】: 打工族须知,即学即省 中文网络课程
Lee Wai Sung 吕伟雄
(English) Form CP58
Everything you need to know about Form CP58: What Business Owner Must Know about Payment to Agents, Dealers or Distributors etc
Lee Wai Sung 吕伟雄
(中文) Form CP58
【Form CP58 :委任代理、经销商和分销商的收入结单。公司须知,即学即用。】中文网络课程
Lee Wai Sung 吕伟雄
(English) Tax Planning for Business
Everything you need to know about Tax Planning for Business:What Entrepreneurs Must Know
Lee Wai Sung 吕伟雄
( 中文)老板税税念
【老板税税念】 做生意须知的“琐碎事” vs “所税事 ”。即学即赚 中文网络课程
Lee Wai Sung 吕伟雄

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